Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sign this petition. PWD, Karnataka, Repair Kokkada-Patrame-Dharmasthala Road!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Install a cell-phone tower at Patrame Village.

Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
D.K. Division
Subject: Request for a ‘Cell phone/Mobile phone tower’ in Patrame village, Belthangady taluk, D.K. District. Karnataka.
Patrame is a village in Belthangady taluk of D.K. district, Karnataka with an average population of about 5000. The village is about 8kms from the famous ‘Sri kshetra Dharmastala’ and about 9kms from Kokkada village on the Dharmasthala-Kukke subrahmanya road. 

As the village does not have a cell phone tower (of any network provider), we villagers are finding it difficult to connect efficiently to the outer world in this era of information technology. Often we feel deprived of some of our basic rights because of this. In the era of 4G neither do we have adequate land phone connectivity nor broadband facility. The officials at the taluk telephone exchange cite the inadequacy of telephone wires for new connection since ages. The only means of communication with the outer world is the BSNL tarang ‘WLL’ phone which only works at it’s ‘WILL’. Even with an external antenna the signal strength is very low and the internet speed is about 3-4kbps, by which browsing even the low bandwidth sites is hardly possible. 

Installing a cell phone tower could be a solution to all the above mentioned problems and would be advantageous/profitable for BSNL as well, as there are no other mobile operators in the village. Villages are many times quoted as the backbone of India.” Empowerment of villages is the empowerment of India” they say. 

We demand BSNL to take action in this regard at the earliest and connect Patrame village to the outer world by installing a cell phone tower in our village.

Please do sign this online petition by visiting --> ; also share the link on FB and other social networking sites.

Copy sent to: (Via e-mail)
Mr. N.K. Sheshadri,, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). 
Mr. Shri G.V.Reddy, GM(NWO)CM, GM(NWO)CM, BSNL mobile networks 
Mr Anantha Subramania, AGM, Mobile customer care. 
Mr. V. G. Naik., AGM, D.K District 
Mr. B.R. Thimmappa, Gm, Karnataka circle 
Mr. R. K Upadhyaya, CMD, BSNL 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's been really a long time since a new update about about Patrame popped up on the blog and it's high time for one more update, at least for the sake of an update..!! ;-) It's an old news that the village got nearer to the world with new roads being built.
              The next best thing that has happened is the new connections with the world as 2 - 3 buses to Subramanya from Dharmasthala pass through Patrame making the village more nearer to the world. The buses also cover Southadka en-route to Subramanya and few buses also pass through patrame on their way to Dharmasthala. Transportation is not a problem anymore.
             And yeah, once the bus had also tried 'tokiyo drift', got off the road and toppled near a curve on Southadka road, causing minor injuries to the people inside.

             But the Sad part being the potholes which appeared on the road within months after the new road being made, which is now given a makeover by 'Patchworks', that too only at some places. (That is like giving a consolation prize !!), hope the authorities will wake up to the situation soon.
             One more not so good thing is the still-not-available mobile networks in the village..!!!( Dear mobile network providers, Why are you making us live in stone age?)

Dear BSNL, Both Sides Not Listening. Dear Airtel, Har village zaroori hain. Dear Vodafone, Wherever I go, your network doesn't follow. And yes, an idea can change our life.
Hope the uninterrupted mobile connectivity will soon be a reality.

That's all for now. will be back soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We are nearer :-)

"Moole yenkalo raathro raathre nadaththondu povonditto", u could hear oldies saying this while going in a jeep from Patrame to Dharmasthala. It took hours together for them to travel 8 kms through the forest ,which's just a matter of 10 mins now on the brand new road....a dream came true after a long or may be a looooooong wait :) May look silly to an outsider, but it's something big for us, we have one more reason to rejoice. V are 20 mins nearer to the world :)

-'ll be back with more news

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Happening now @ Patrame

The wait has come to an end ,the road to patrame is now brand new..the sight of busses n jeeps struggling through the mud road during monsoon is just an imagination now...we have a reason to rejoice...:)  finally...
n the road widening process is in full swing at golithottu as well as dharmasthala....
Patrame now is nearer to the world...!
signing off now ...'ll be back with more news...